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What is Evergreen Wellness?

We’re a 50+ online community providing an exclusive wellness destination that's free to join – where members can learn, grow, and thrive by sharing personal thoughts and experiences on what it means to live a life of wellness midlife and beyond.

The Evergreen Wellness community connects wellness-minded adults to motivate, cheer, and enlighten each other in these areas of interest:


Are you active or wish you were? What motivates you? Do you like to exercise alone or with a group? Do you have any physical limitations that make exercise difficult? Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. And we'd love to know what works for YOU – and that may work for others!

Weight Management and Nutrition

Do you seem to be on a forever diet that gets you nowhere? Have you had great success you'd like to share with others? What are your favorite superfoods? Have a healthy recipe you'd like to share?

Mind & Spirit

Mind & Spirit can cover a broad range of topics: Meditation. Mental illness. Spiritual discussions. Relationships. Dating. Learning. Hobbies. Music therapy. Dance therapy. Thoughts on self-help subjects.

Premium at-Home Fitness Video Programs

Featured on the nationally-televised Dr. Oz program, Jaime Brenkus revolutionized the fitness world in the 90s with his groundbreaking 8-minute workouts. Evergreen Wellness is proud to offer you Jaime’s famous 8-minute workouts in fitness video programs created specifically for women and men over 50. These gentle, yet effective programs can be done at home with minimal equipment. Learn more »

A more fulfilling life is closer than you think. Are you ready to take the first step?

The choice is yours …

Do you want to live a life defined by doctor visits and a growing list of medications? Or do you want to join others who are living their best lives today – through preventive, healthy lifestyle choices that feed you physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually? See what it’s like to live evergreen. Or as the kids would say, #LiveEvergreen

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